Maxime De Campenaere


b. 1986, HK.

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Maxime De Campenaere graduated as interior designer from Saint-Luc Brussels in 2002. He meets Marie Degroote and Olivier Devuyst with whom he creates a first interior design studio called MADe alchimie créative sprl. After a few years, they decide to take different paths. Maxime decides to install his practice in Saint-Gilles in January 2018.

Maxime De Campenaere Interior Design Studio is born!

With more than fifteen years of experience in different sectors as hospitality (luxury collective housing & Hotels), high-end residential, work spaces and retail, Maxime and his team possesses an innate desire to design interiors that exceed their clients’ expectations. 

Their DNA is their adaptability: they create strong concepts under a variety of budgets, styles, time frames, scales and requirements.


• We provide strong concept designs. Our experience in residential, hospitality, work spaces and retail design as well as our personal experience as colaborators (cabinetmaking, scuplture, art direction in music videos and short films, illustration) give us a wide and open minded vision of what interior design means today, bringing to our client solutions that are always renewed.

• We are able to make you understand our Concept Designs trough different steps: Moodboards, CGI images, and material sampling. You won’t be lost in this journey, not knowing what you will get!

• Our detail designs are accurate, allowing contractors to understand perfectly our demands.

• To respect your budget is one of our priorities. Some elements are too expensive? We change the materials, we modifiy slightly the details or we phase the project in order to fit it into your wallet and on your time line.

• We are very responsive. Always connected. Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Email, Dropbox Paper, Skype, name it! You won’t stay long without news from us! 

• A project abroad? We can work anywhere since our team talks french, english, dutch and even some italian!

• Last but not least, we want this experience to be joyful and therefore we accord a lot of attention to preserve a relax atmosphere trough collaborators and clients. Our secret receipe? Competence, strong dedication to projects and a hint of humor. We want you to enjoy this experience as much as we do!


Maxime De Campenaere - Interior Designer - CEO & Founder

Andréa Maury - Interior Designer

Romain Lebouvier - Interior Designer / Cabinet Maker / Sculptor

Claire Marquet - Interior Designer Trainee